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is based in Marka , Amman Jordan.

We are supplying bags all over the world. We specialize in personalized bags to suit your exact requirement. Our custom made printed bags enables you to choose any size, shape or color you like with your own company logo and artwork printed on them. All our products are of excellent quality, at a competitive price and with a high standard of service. Our luxury paper carriers is made from high quality art paper and can be printed in standard offset printing, logos can also be foil hot-stamped and embossed to the color of your choice to create the ultimate in bag design. Our Craft Paper bags are totally natural, recycle and environmentally friendly.

Our Equipments

Equipment 1

Equipment 2

Equipment 3

Equipment 4

Paper sed in our products

- Art paper

- Folding paper

- Core Board

- Hit kraft

- Brown kraft

Effect added on our products

- Lamination

- Hot stamping (Different colors)


- Spot U.V